• A great gift for the male market. Sells year round with it’s fun list of generic titles, Canadian Name list and eye catching display. This 6-in-1 Multi Tool offers 2 Screwdrivers, a Corkscrew, a Bottle Opener, a large knife and a Can Opener. This item is engravable on both sides with names, logos or images*.
    • Size: 3.5” x .1” (6.5” long when opened)
    • 4-sided display to catch your customer’s attention and be sure to bring in the impulse sales
    Product Code: 50258   Stampers by Danbar Distribution  
  • A great addition for any party or occasion! These balloons sell in multiples and make a great repeat buy. Personalized Balloons
    • Each pack contains 6 balloons.
    • Material: Helium quality latex
    • Full assortment of "on trend" boys and girls names
    • Generic names that include ages
    Product Code: 37300

    French Program Available

    Display Options

    • 4-Sided Display
      • Colourful 4-sided display stands out in any location
      • Easy to maneuver and roll into any spot
    Balloons by Danbar Distribution
  • Bamboo Pens are your customers eco-friendly choice. Personalize yours with locations, logos, names or special messages! Personalized Bamboo Pens
    • Chrome finished clip and accents
    • Packaged in clear acrylic tube with hanger
    • Size – 5.5″ long
    Why choose Bamboo? In it's natural state bamboo improves soil conditions and prevents erosion. It yields 20 times more timber than other trees and can grow up to 4 feet per day without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. Bamboo is good for us by making breathable air better from releasing approximately 35% more oxygen than other trees. Product Code: MPEN Display Options: 4-Sided Display (12 x 12 x 57) 
    • Impressive wooden display
    • 392 hook display
    • On wheels so it’s easy to move around
    French program available Bamboo Pens by Danbar Distribution
    • Raised Letterings
    • 8 pegs of chalkboard blanks
    • 10 pegs of generic sayings
    • 84 pegs of names
      Product Code: 50257
  • A great gift for the guys! Styled to look like a stack of tires, this is one of the most durable Beer Holders you’ll ever buy!

    • Made from heavy duty rubber.
    • Each holder features a personalized badge on the front with silver finish and on-trend retro artwork
    • Removable neoprene lining to allow for easpy fit for a variety of bottles and cans.
    • Top selling 96 names and titles
    • Generics include range of fun general titles and all favourite Canadian names
    • Each display has beer-shaped backer
    • Custom designs also available
    Product Code: 50251
  • UNIQUE CANADIAN PRODUCT! Size: 3.9" x 3.9" ( 10cm x 10cm) Material: 3mm thick absorbent board
    • Reaches out to a wide range of demographic
    • Eye-catching Display
    • Strong Successful Name List
    • Large variety of generic phrases and names
      Product Code: CSTR
  • A great gift for the male market. This bottle opener will sell year round with it's fun list of generic titles, Canadian Name list and eye catching display.

    • Natural Wood handle
    • Nicle plated bottle Opener
    • Great to have in the house, cottage, garage
    • Perfect gift for the person who has everything
    • Customize it! With location names, logos and graphics!
    Product Code: WBO
  • Make your location stand out! Start selling one of Danbar’s most popular items today!
    • Full-colour graphics with a 3-dimensional design
    • Choose from a wide list of inserts from locations, year to generic phrases!
    • Bright fun colours appeal to all ages!
    • Made from soft durable PVC
    • BPA-Free and non-toxic
    • Strong successful on-trend name list
    • Size: 3-11/16” high (8oz)
    Product Code: LMG

    French Program Available

    Custom Laser Cut Mugs by Danbar Distribution
  • Fun and fresh custom placemats that reflects your brand! Great for attractions, destinations, companies, promotions, stores, and events!
    • Design your own placemat or add your logo to one of our existing designs!
    • Designs front and back
    • Highest quality lamination
    • Size: 16.5" x 11.5"
    • Made in Canada
    • Attractive price point for sales success!
    Product Code: 037 4-Sided Display
    • Black wire display on wheels
    • Easy to move and assemble
    • Eye catching colours
    • Custom placemats can also be put on a shelf
    • Order in large or small quantities
    Personalized Placemats by Danbar Distribution
  • A classic souvenir that’s full of colour! Let us create a custom design for you!
    • Appeals to large demographic
    • Name list created to suit your customers
    • Also available as non-personalized
    Product Code: LM LZ Custom PVC Magnets and Zipper Pulls by Danbar Distribution
  • Customize with your unique image or logo!
    • Stock Keyrings & Magnets can be name dropped to your requirements or with your own custom image
    • Choose from a wide list of inserts from locations, year to generic phrases!
    • Large durable acrylic Keychain and Magnet with high resolution quality images
    • Keyring can have images on both sides
    Product Codes: SSM (Magnet), SSK (Keyring) Custom Keyring and Magnet by Danbar Distribution
  • The ultimate fashion tag! Hang it on your bag, pencil case, lunch bag, back pack...anywhere!

    • Three colour ways (blue purple and pink)
    • Diamante in Clasp
    • Display: 96 Hooks, 5 Dazzle Tags per hook
    Product Code: BLING


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