100% Canadian-owned and operated for over 10 years.

Danbar distribution offers high quality selected gifts, souvenir and custom engraving products.  We pride ourselves on our commitment is to customer satisfaction, fast turnaround and delivery.

Your name is a powerful licence.

This is what has led us to our success, the notion that customers are attracted to “name” merchandise. The immediate attraction to one’s own name coupled with appealing price points, is the perfect formula for impulse sales. Our products encourage multiple sales of one item, reach out to every age demographic and can change and transform with growing name trends.

Personalized and customizable products.

We offer unique personalized and customizable products for your retail location. Whether you want a customized water bottle, placemat, mug or keychain we have a creative team that can produce a unique design to make you stand out. Danbar Distribution offers a wide range of merchandise for you to choose from. Take a moment to explore what we have to offer. Engravable products, Custom, personalized  as well Gifts and Souvenirs.